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Finally getting started September 9, 2010

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So it’s been a while since I posted. I passed comps in June, which I thought would lead to a stress free summer but instead I spent the summer coding my heart out trying to get my work projects completed before my trip to Africa, where I’m writing this post. Currently I am in Cape Town attending the OpenMRS developers and implementers meeting. I am developing a new love for this community of developers who are working together to bring an open-source medical records platform to developing countries. The dedication and passion of people involved in both the development and implementation of OpenMRS has been inspiring.

A few weeks ago I attended the Global Health Idea Incubator workshop at Unite for Sight (UFS). I was really impressed by how a small project that started as one Yale graduate students idea grew into an NGO that has provided almost 40,000 eye surgeries in developing countries this year. I’m wondering what strategies learned by UFS can be applied to OpenMRS.

What I have learned, lately, is that it is not enough to be knowledge about my domain, but I have to know about the policies, social, and financial implications of my work for it to be truly effective and sustainable. My doctoral education has made clear that the “what I don’t know” far exceeds the “what I do know” in my own field and especially in the overlapping areas of sustainable development and ICT. What I’m learning is , that is the point of a PhD — generation of new knowledge. What I mean is demonstrated visually by Phd School in Pictures

Future posts will not be after 24 hours flying, 6 hours sleep, and not enough caffeine.


The importance of stupidity in scientific research April 29, 2010

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The importance of stupidity in scientific research
I really enjoyed this essay from the Journal of Cell Biology. I think as a student, you often feel stupid and forget that you’re not supposed to, and can’t possibly, know everything. This last month, I had a big “ah-ha” moment, where things finally came together and everything I learned in my last 5 years in school all became part of a cohesive big picture that made sense. I can change the world, I can solve numerous health problems in low income settings, this all can be achieved in my life time. Hooray! Later that week, as I stared blankly at the article my adviser had asked me to read that I couldn’t make any sense of I went back to feeling stupid. And so the pendulum swings 🙂